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Photo Retoucher Mini Bio

BA hons Photography 1993, 17 years into the Photoshop adventure. A new image, a new story, a new day.

Who is the Photo Retoucher?

Welcome to

Neil Rhodes is the Photo Retoucher.

Neil has a good grounding in art and design and a degree in photography, which keeps his "eye" on the straight and narrow when it comes to the finer details of retouching and manipulation and compositing.

So far his Photoshop adventure has been 17 years and along side The Photo Retoucher's photo retouching services he runs both a photo restoration and a wedding retouching business.

Photo retouching is a way of expressing his affinity with imagery. Every image is a new journey and requires a new focus, love and attention just like the first.

Day rate £ 300 or hire me by the hour.

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